Pregnancy test kit ABT-FT-A2, ABT-FT-B2 AccuBioTech

Pregnancy test kit ABT-FT-A2, ABT-FT-B2 AccuBioTech

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CATALOG Catalog No. Product Name ABT-FT-A2 HCG Urine / Serum Strip ABT-FT-B2 HCG Urine / Serum Cassette PRINCIPLE The Pregnancy Test is a sandwich immunoassay (8-9). The plastic card supports a membrane which has been coated with reagents necessary to detect the presence of hCG and provide a positive control so the user can determine if the test result is valid. The sample is applied to the card and reacts initially with the specific, anti-bhCG monoclonal antibody/colloidal gold conjugate on the test membrane. This mixture moves along the membrane, by capillary action, and reacts with a specific anti-hCG in the test region. If hCG is present in the sample, the result is the formation of a colored band in the test region. If there is no hCG in the sample, the area will remain white. The sample continues to flow to the control region and forms a pink to purple color, indicating the test is working and the result is valid.
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