Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ABA-3 PLUS AccuBioTech

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ABA-3 PLUS AccuBioTech

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FEATURES Easy Windows operation system with large touch-screen. Displays the reaction curve in real-time. Continuously adjustable grating, enhances the stability and reliability of result. Reagent-open system supports flow cell and cuvette mode, close system on request. Analytical modes include kinetic, fixed time, bichromatic end point with or without reagent blank or sample blank, linear or non-linear calibration. Large memory, up to 200 test protocols and 10000 results can be stored, compatible with SD card. Powerful QC program: Westguard multi-rule, Levey-Jennings plots,2 controls per test. Multiform result output including patient comprehensive report. Multi-interface support RS-232,VGA,USB,SD and Ethernet. Easy communication with PC. Powerful internet connection enables remote data sharing and OS update. Compact design enables USER-DIY maintenance. Multi-language software available on request.
  • Operation:semi-automatic
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