Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ABA-1 PLUS AccuBioTech

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ABA-1 PLUS AccuBioTech

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INTRODUCTION OF ANALYZER ABA-1 Plus is the latest semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer which is designed specially for clinical application , with unique optical structure, streamline appearance, customize function, competitive quotation, meets all kinds of hospital, also available for STAT. The instrument is operated through MMI, there are 100 test items with open system. Items data is input with keyboard and can be saved in the system for test application, it also can be updated. The instrument can be used for check liver function determination, kidney function determination, lipids, glucose and ion test etc., completely satisfaction for clinical requirements. DESCRIPTION OF THE ANALYZER 1. Large LCD, language in Chinese and English, easy to operate. 2. 32 bit MPU, large Flash EPROM, can memory more data and information than the factorral SCM. 3. The core parts of the analyzer such as flow cell, peristaltic pump, pump tube, filter and photo cell are all imported from the famous manufactures to make the test result more accurate & great repeatability of the instrument. 4. A/D sampling adopt 20 bit charge counter which can inspect the small change of the sample. 5. Specially front design of the peristaltic pump improve the efficiency washing, convenient for the pump tube replacement & maintenance. PWM timing control improve the sipping precision and reduce the coming rate of the air bladder. 6. Aspiration of samples, choice of wavelength, washing procedures, selecting of sipping volume, temperature control, are all under MPU controlling, run automatically.
  • Operation:semi-automatic
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