Semi-automatic urine analyzer 5H AccuBioTech

Semi-automatic urine analyzer 5H AccuBioTech

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E-READER-5H Urine Analyzer is a kind of semi-automatic photoelectric colorimeter that can be used together with Accu-Tell® Urine Reagent Strips 8 para, 10 para, 11 para (E-8, E-10, E-11) for urine analysis reagent strips manufactured by AccuBioTech Co., Ltd.. It can provide a qualitative or semi-quantitative result for Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Kentone, Blood, Protein, Nitrite, Leucocytes, Glucose, Specific gravity, pH and Vitamin C of the urine sample according to the color change caused by the interaction between the reagent areas and the biochemical components in urine. Adopting the advanced “High luminosity cold light source reflection determination” technology, E-READER-5H Urine Analyzer gets the specialties of resisting the interference of the ambient light and has longer lifespan. It can finish the testes on 11 kinds of biochemical components in urine within 7 seconds, and it also can revise the affects toward the test result which is caused by ambient temperature?ambient light?acid-base scale and abnormally colored sample. It can also connect with the urine sediment analyzer. E-READER-5H Urine Analyzer is a kind of invitro diagnostic device (IVD) used by professionals.
  • Operation:semi-automatic
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