Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ABA-1 AccuBioTech

Semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer ABA-1 AccuBioTech

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INTRODUCTION OF ANALYZER ABA-1 is the newest Semi-auto analyzer in our company. The instrument is easy to use. It can store 72 tests parameters include 12 tests ready for developing. The programmed test can be used or revised at random if needed. Many programs, such as Liver function determination, Kidney function determination, Lipids, Glucose and ion test etc. can be tested on the machine to meet the clinics and hospitals' need. DESCRIPTION OF THE ANALYZER 1. The core parts of the analyzers, such as the flow cell, peristaltic pump, pump tube, filter and photo cell etc., are all provided by the international manufactures in the world. And thus the accuracy and reproducibility are guaranteed. 2. The special design of the externally installed peristaltic pump provides easy replacement 3. Aspiration of samples, choice of wavelength, washing procedures, selecting of pipetting volumes, temperature control, are all under computer program to run automatically. 4. The instrument can monitor reaction curve in kinetics programs during the test procedure. 5. It can print the test report of one patient or that of all the patients by the internal thermo printer or the printer of the PC through RS-232’s connecting. 6. The interface makes the operation easy and convenient. 7. Measures for avoiding cross-contamination: Aspirate the sample then aspirate some air to improve the precision and accuracy. 8. Testing methods: End-point, Kinetics, Fixed time, Differential mode, Double wavelength and Absorbance. 9. By Peltier effect 10. The imported halogen lamp has the long life-span. 11. The reagent system is open for biochemical regents produced by different manufactures.
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