Semi-automatic immunoassay analyzer / chemiluminescence ABCLIA-1 AccuBioTech

Semi-automatic immunoassay analyzer / chemiluminescence ABCLIA-1 AccuBioTech

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INTRODUCTION The Semi-auto Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer ABCLIA-1 is a small-sized, easy-to-use chemiluminescent analyzer with a user-friendly design. With a stable operation, a sensitive luminometer with a broad dynamic range designed to accurately read glow luminescent reactions in 96-well plates. It can test samples rapidly within a short period of measuring time. Its software, in particular designed for clinical laboratory, is specific and easy to master, making it an ideal laboratory instrument. This manual is designed to guide you through the installation, setup, calibration, and operation of your instrument. Structural Characteristics 1. Status indicator lights enable to directly report the status of the instrument. 2. The drawer opens to receive sample plate. 3. Power Switch: The ON/OFF switch is located on the back panel of the instrument. 4. Power Cord Connection: The power cord connects into the rear panel of the instrument. 5. Sample plates are placed on the tray for reading. The plate format for this version is 96-well. No other well format can be read.
  • Technology:chemiluminescence
  • Operation:semi-automatic
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