Pipette tip Deltalab

Pipette tip Deltalab

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Deltalab has a wide range of tips for handling liquid samples. This product is used for the collection, handling and dispensing accuracy and security of biological fluids from the human body in PCR analysis, DNA analytical, clinical and molecular biology. In general, it is used also in analytical of safely fluids in uncontaminated environment, for subsequent in vitro analysis thereof. Tips made of polypropylene autoclavable and metal free. Tips types of different colours: yellow, blue and natural (translucent). By size and capacity, Deltalab provides standard tips (capacity between 0.1 and 1000 ul) and macrotips (capacity from 1 to 10 ml). We should remark also the different types of filter. The Standard filter, made of hydrophobic PP protects pipette from aerosols generated in sample aspiration. The Extra filter, also made of hydrophobic PP, blocks over aspiration and protects pipette. The X-color filter, hydrophobic PP, changes colour in case of over aspiration. The tips are presented in bags (bulk) or in racks. The tips provided in rack are sterile, RNAse and DNAse free and pyrogens free.
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