Laboratory inoculation loop Deltalab

Laboratory inoculation loop Deltalab

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Loops made of polystyrene, high robustness and adequate flexibility for comfortable and efficient use. Double use loops: at one of the ends there is the loop for microbiological streaking, and at the other end there is a fine tip specially designed for counting colonies. Available in 2 volumes: 1 and 10 uL. The green and blue colors are used to easily differenciate the 2 volumes at the laboratory, and for display during the counting of colonies. There are 3 presentations: individual pack, 10 and 20 units. All of them consist of a plastic packaging with a very easy opening for the microbiologists convenience. These loops are calibrated. Deltalab certifies the control of the dimensional accuracy of the diameter of the loop by means of specific gauge. They offer great ergonomics and gripping thanks to its hexagonal design section which provide ease of orientation during microbiological streaking or colony counting. In adittion, its hexagonal hollow shape allows the optimization of material (PS), thus being environmentallt respectful. They are Sterile by radiation, and lot and expiry date are printed on product bag.
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