Cryogen tube laboratory Deltalab

Cryogen tube laboratory Deltalab

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CryoInstant is a preservation system for storing microbiological culture, consisting on 2 ml cryovials containing 25 porous beads and cryopreservative-added broth. With this system you can: Get a perfect freezing storage system. Obtain up to 25 replicates from the original microorganism, to use them during many years. Ease bacteriological medium inoculation as each bread corresponds to a crop. Avoid defrosting all the content every time we need a bead. Avoid the growth of ice when recovering. Minimise the risk of cross contamination. Save space in freezers when storing. The cryovial is made of polypropylene, external thread, hardy to -190°C. It incorporates long skirted cap with silicone seal. The cryovials are presented in a rack for 100 units, made by carton and resistant to - 100°C. To make the classification of samples easier, our cryovials are offered with caps and beads in five different colors.
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