Patient transfer chair MEDICOP medical equipment

Patient transfer chair MEDICOP medical equipment
MEDICOP medical equipment

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Integrated three-point safety belt Strong and light construction ensured by carbon-fiber composite material Approved by EN 1789-2007+A1:2010 and EN 1865-1:2010 standards Classified as M1 Seat by 74/408/EWG directive The innovative technology that enhances the efficiency of patient transfers Comfort, ergonomy, safety, ease of storage and manoeuvrability demanded from patient-transfer & ambulance chairs are only the starting-points for Medicop's LifeChair design. With its futuristic engineering and innovative design solutions, LifeChair stands for a new generation of patient transport chairs. Chairs that adapt to the modern style of rescue work and answer the fundamental demand for safety and comfort. LifeChair is the new chair designed by a team of rescuers, safety consultants and Medicop engineers - to satisfy the needs of the most demanding emergency staff and the needs of patients to be carried in seated position in critical emergency situations. Patient transfer chairs need to be easily manoeuvrable and quickly secured within the ambulance vehicle. But to perform the task to maximum efficiency you also need a chair which can lift and carry even heavier patients without risk of injury to the rescuer. Constructed of strong carbon-fiber composite material, LifeChair can transport up to 150 kg. More over. With the integrated three-point safety belt LifeChair allows you to load a patient onto an ambulance vehicle without any additional fixing and secures the patient even for long routes.
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