Ceiling-mounted supply beam system MEDINTENSIVE MEDICOP medical equipment

Ceiling-mounted supply beam system MEDINTENSIVE MEDICOP medical equipment

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Medintensive ceiling-mounted bedhead units are aimed particularly at intensive care wards, where patient care requires a suitable number of energy and medical-gas units, along with space for setting up various medical devices and accessories. The Medintensive unit consists of a double Medilight or Medicompact aluminum unit. A rail carrier is installed between the two units and is equipped with mobile consoles to carry medical devices and accessories. Mobile consoles are available in a number of forms - shelving, drawers, rails, vertical carriers for infusion equipment, etc. Consoles can be moved horizontally and rotated. Movement can be locked when a suitable arrangement is achieved. The Medintensive system brings the following benefits: Adaptibility The Medintensive system can be adapted to suit the special requirements of individual projects. Channel length, and number and configuration of mobile consoles can all be altered to meet user specifications, as can the number and types of gas, electrical and telecommunications outlets, and paint. Light weight The system and consoles are constructed from aluminum profiles that provide the necessary load-bearing ability while contributing very little weight. Symmetry Energy outlets can be installed on the front or back of the unit, and mobile consoles can be freely rotated. Hospital beds can be placed at the front or back side of the system without the need to move or rearrange any patient-care equipment.
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