4x4 medical ambulance / off-road MEDICOP medical equipment

4x4 medical ambulance / off-road MEDICOP medical equipment
MEDICOP medical equipment

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Irrespective of which base vehicle you decide on, Medicop Terrain ambulances are at home on every terrain. They are modified to incorporate the core components of an ambulance, while maintaining the dynamic properties of the base vehicle. Equipped with the automatic all wheel drive system and electronic stability protection the Medicop Terrain ambulances find good grip even on the most difficult terrain and deliver emergency staff where they need to be fast and safely. With the wide loading platform and the best use of space the Medicop Terrain ambulance provides enough space for the patient and emergency staff as well as all the necessary medical equipment. The vital auxiliary aids are optimally accessible in a very confined space, while an optimal ergonomic work environment and patient comfort are ensured. The cab accommodates two crew members, while the patient compartment can accept at least one medical person. This rescue vehicle is perfect for all kinds of situations where a normal ambulance could simply not go because of size, terrain, or weather.
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