Electric surgical suction pump / on casters MEDICOP medical equipment

Electric surgical suction pump / on casters MEDICOP medical equipment
MEDICOP medical equipment

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Vacumed - synonymous with quality Vacumed, a trademark for Medicop electrical suction units, is synonymous with quality and precise performance of various aspiration procedures. The basic element of the device is an electrical-membrane pump, which creates a vacuum and is valued especially for high efficiency, long service life and silent operation, as well as minimal service or maintenance. We offer two standard models of electrical powered suction units of vacuum pump of different capacity: - Vacumed 390 with a suction capacity of 39 l/min and - Vacumed 600 with a suction capacity of 60 l/min How is the framework designed? The framework design allows manual transportation of the device while providing for installation of a safety jar on one side and the suction jar on the other side. Additionally the device can be equipped with a trolley for use as a mobile device. The four-wheel trolley allows for installation of additional suction jars of various capacities. The basic equipment for each device includes a bacterial filter, a silencer, all connecting and aspirating tubes and a holder for fixing the aspirating tubes. How are Vacumed suction units used? Using Vacumed suction units is remarkably simple. The device is switched on with the hand or foot switch. The desired vacuum power is selected with a regulation button and then displayed on the manometer in the middle of the dashboard plate.
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