Oxygen flowmeter / air / variable-area / rail-mounted MEDICOP medical equipment

Oxygen flowmeter / air / variable-area / rail-mounted MEDICOP medical equipment
MEDICOP medical equipment

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Reliable and accurate We offer very reliable and accurate medical flow meters. We have recently developed a new measuring tube for our flow meters, which enables very fine adjustment of flow in the range between 0 and 15 l/min. Because flow meters are used in a variety of ways in health-care institutions, we have several different configurations of flow meters available to satisfy the specific needs of each user. Our configurations are as follows: Direct wall-mounted and rail-mounted flow meters If no rail is available for affixing medical equipment, a direct flow meter is recommended. As different direct probes are used in different countries, we can equip our flow meters with probes meeting a wide range of different standards (DIN, AFNOR, British, UNI, C&U, Japanese, etc). Gas type Flow meters for oxygen and air are available. Humidifier For long-term inhalation of oxygen, a humidifier is needed. We supply reusable humidifiers, as well as single-use humidifiers. Reusable humidifiers are completely made of polysulfone and may be sterilized at up to 134 °C. The bottle is of large capacity (300 ml). The user can also choose between bubble-humidifiers and nebulizers. Reusable humidifiers may be connected to a thin mask-hose or a large hose of 22-mm diameter. Single and double models With a double flow meter, two patients can be treated from one gas source at the same time, allowing savings in save time.
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