Nurse call system P-106, P-116 Cornell

Nurse call system P-106, P-116 Cornell
P-106, P-116

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The (P-106) (P-116) stations feature satin finished stainless steel faceplates with silk-screened designations. The UL Listed switch is rated at 15 amperes @ 125 volts AC. Momentary action switch can be wired for NORMALLY OPEN or NORMALLY CLOSED function. Three female SLIP-ON connectors are provided. The P-106 is ideal for use in psychiatric wards to active remote electronics. The P-106 is also suitable for use in dusty or damp environments. Operation: A call is placed by pressing the momentary button. Calls must be reset remotely. The switch on the P-106 is flush to the plate and covered by a rubber membrane, making the P-106 water and dust resistant. The P-116 has a protruding red button. Mounting: The satin finish stainless steel faceplate with silk-screened designations may be flush mounted on a standard outlet box with single-gang plaster ring, or surface mounted on a Wiremold 5748 or equivalent. Field wiring terminations are with screw clamps, maximum 16 gauge. Engineering Specifications: The contractor shall furnish and install the CORNELL (P-106) (P-116) panic station as indicated on the plans. Faceplates shall be satin-finish stainless steel with silk-screened designations. Stations shall be mounted on standard outlet boxes with single-gang rings (minimum depth of 1¾ or Wiremold 5748 or equivalent. Power Requirements: 24VDC Operating Environment: 50-120°F Indoor Non-condensing, P-106 safe for damp or dusty environments Physical Faceplate Dimensions: 4 ½ H x 2 ¾ W (Standard 1 Gang) Mounting: Single-Gang back box with 1¾ minimum depth Wiring: #22 AWG Minimum, #16 AWG Maximum
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