Nurse call lamp Z-704 Cornell

Nurse call lamp Z-704 Cornell

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The Z-704 4-Zone Indicator Lamp provides light annunciation at the junction of hallways or corridors, indicating the area in which there is an unanswered call. Up to four zone lights can be included in a system. The zone indicator lamp displays up to four white lamps when any call in a zone has been placed, allowing the staff to quickly assess where their attention is needed. The lamp will go off when there are no more unanswered calls in the associated area. The zone indicator lamp can be mounted onto a standard 5-gang box on a wall, or directly onto a ceiling, whichever is most visible. The unit comes with label numbers 1~4 for easy zone identification. Wiring to the zone indicator lamp is 5 conductors from the Central Control Unit. Operation: When a call is placed from any station in a zone wired for zone light activation, the associated zone lamp will be illuminated on the zone light(s). The zone lamp will go out when there are no more unanswered calls in that zone. Mounting: Unit shall flush mount into a standard 5-gang box. Engineering Specifications: 4-zone indicator light shall be Cornell model Z-704, constructed of 22AWG steel, powder-coated,with four bulbs and four removable lens covers. A routine, urgent, or cord-out trouble call from any station in a zone wired for zone light control shall activate the corresponding zone lamp. When there are no calls placed on a given zone, the zone lamp shall be off.
  • Application:nurse call
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