Nurse call lamp Z-103 Cornell

Nurse call lamp Z-103 Cornell

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Your nurse call system requires a highly effective alert when someone signals for help. These nurse call lights with triple zone status signals allow each call to be given priority based on the call needs. When a patient calls in a specific zone, 3 different pulse and color options inform personnel if the call is normal or emergency priority. A flashing red light signals an emergency, a steady white light signals a normal call and a pulsing green light signals a third priority. With an acknowledgement of each calls priority, personnel can attend to patient or resident needs more efficiently. Ensure your facility runs smoothly by prioritizing needs with the addition of our nurse call lights with triple zone status. Description: CORNELL Zone Lights (Z-103) to provide visual indication of normal and emergency calls within a zone. Operation: The Z-103 Triple Status Zone Light offers indications of call and given priority with multiple flash rates. Mounting: The satin finish stainless steel faceplate with silk-screened designations may be flush mounted on a standard outlet box with single-gang plaster ring, or surface mounted on a Wiremold 5748 or equivalent. Field wiring terminations are pigtailed.
  • Application:nurse call
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