Nurse call management system A-7030ADD Cornell

Nurse call management system A-7030ADD Cornell

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The A-7030ADD 30-Station Add-on Selector expands the system to its maximum capacity of 80 stations. With a simple connection to the A-7050, the 80-call master station remains streamline and compact in size. The NC-730 Expansion Trunk Card provides the additional call signaling and control functions for the add-on selector, and is installed inside the Central Control Unit. Operation: A call from stations 51-80 will annunciate on the add-on selector. Call answering is the same as any call on the master station. Routine calls can be cancelled at the master station, including the add-on selector, and any urgent calls or bedside cord-out calls must be reset at the calling location. Mounting: Unit shall be mount to Nurse Call Console or Central Control Unit. Engineering Specifications: Add-on selector for the Nurse Call Console shall be Cornell model A-7030ADD, constructed of high-impact ABS fire-retardant plastic, with 30 station selectors, LEDs, and directory. Channel selectors and call LEDs shall be displayed on console in vertical rows of 10 stations. Membrane-style control panel shall be constructed of a mar-resistant and moisture-resistant material over tactile select switches. Selector points shall be slightly raised for easy tactile activation. Tones from calls received on add-on selector shall be heard from master station, indicating a routine or bathroom call. A third alert tone shall indicate cord out status
  • Function:nurse call
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