Nurse call management system A-7050 Cornell

Nurse call management system A-7050 Cornell

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The A-7050 Nurse Call Console is the central point of the system, able to receive two levels of calls and communicate with up to 50 room stations. The optional 30-call add-on selector allows expansion up to 80 stations. The membrane-style control panel is simple to use, has tactile switches, and is mar-resistant and moisture-resistant, resisting damage from spills. The master station includes a handset for voice actuated communication, with a magnetic hook switch (no moving parts). Controls include TALK button for push-to-talk communication, TONE OFF button to silence call tone, and OFF button to conclude communication. Easily adjustable voice and tone volume controls are located on the side, with all other volume controls located on the bottom of the unit. Operation: Routine calls are annunciated with a slow flashing LED and an intermittent call tone. Calls from a bath station annunciate a faster flashing LED and faster tone. Bedside cord pulled out of patient station sounds rapid tone and activates fast flashing LED. Pick up the handset or press TALK to answer, and the highest priority call will be automatically connected. Hang up handset or press OFF to conclude. To initiate a call, press the room station selector button and TALK button, or pick up handset. Bathroom calls have priority over routine calls, and will be answered first. Otherwise, calls will be answered in the order received.
  • Function:nurse call
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