Microscope slide Tissue-Tek® SF Sakura Finetek Europe

Microscope slide Tissue-Tek® SF Sakura Finetek Europe
Tissue-Tek® SF

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Tissue-Tek® SF Print Microscope Slides are designed and manufactured to optimize the printing process of the Tissue-Tek® Slide Printers. The combination of Tissue-Tek® Slide Printers and microscope slides guarantees the best printing results by preventing the ink from smudging. Available in seven different colours, with cut or ground 90° edges, with or without clipped corners for user convenience. These microscope slides will directly fit into your daily process. The Tissue-Tek® SF Print Slide Microscope Slides are manufactured according to ISO 8037/I. The tolerance of the thickness is +/-0.05 mm. All Tissue-Tek® SF Microscope Slides are supplied in volumes of 2000; 40 packs of 50 slides each. Tissue-Tek® SF Print Slides provide accurate specimen classification, essential in all laboratories today. Frosted ends available in 7 colors Suitable for all Tissue-Tek® Slide Printers High quality and ready to use
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