Microbiological safety cabinet RBH Faster

Microbiological safety cabinet RBH Faster

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FOREWORD Primarily conceived and built to house specialized automatic instruments, robotic testing rigs and production systems, the FASTER RBH Cabinet has a design similar to a microbiological safety cabinet suitable for the safe handling and containment of micro-organism and pathogens - as it conforms for the main requirements to the EN 12469:2000 European Standard. SPECIFICATION The body of the cabinet is made in powder epoxy coated cold-rolled steel, whilst the working surfaces - available either in one single piece or divided in sections – plain or perforated - are made in AISI 316L stainless steel. The transparent front sash and side windows are made in Lexan® and can accommodate customized cable-ports and openings for connection to external devices. The hinged sash-window is suspended onto the upper front of the cabinet and provides an over 1000 mm height opening for easy loading and unloading of materials and bulky instruments – with good access for service and maintenance of the cabinet. FASTER RBH Cabinets are microprocessor controlled and automatic alarms warn operators about out of range parameters. Should moving and positioning of the RBH Cabinet within the room be hindered, or its introduction and access in one piece be restricted by room size or other conditions, the cabinet may be delivered as option dismantled into four pieces and easily re-assembled once inside the laboratory
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