Class III microbiological safety cabinet SafeFAST 312 Faster

Class III microbiological safety cabinet SafeFAST 312 Faster
SafeFAST 312

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FOREWORD SafeFAST Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinets are totally enclosed type safety cabinets often wrongly referred as glove box. Class III cabinets provide total operator protection and are suitable for work with the most hazard group 4 pathogens. Class III cabinets offer the maximum protection to laboratory personnel, the community, and the environment because all hazardous materials are contained in a totally enclosed, ventilated cabinet, when correctly installed in proper BL3 or BL4 laboratory. WORKING PRINCIPALS A HEPA filtered transfer hatch allows materials to be introduced into the Class III cabinet without breaking the integrity of the sealed enclosure. Gloves fitted upon glove-ports allow the users to manipulate the samples and products secure in the knowledge of complete isolation from the pathogens and infective or toxic materials being used. Both the transfer hatch and working chamber volumes operate in negative pressure to the surrounding environment with the exhausted air being vented through a double HEPA filters. Working chamber is bathed by Class ISO 5 laminar flow avoiding product cross-contamination.
  • Class:class III
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