Class III isolator / glove box Shell Faster

Class III isolator / glove box Shell Faster

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The isolator is a one piece shell fully made in AISI 304 stainless steel 2mm thickness with all corners and hedges rounded providing a leack-tight environment. The unit is completed with frontal safety glass hinged with gas-springs and top canopy for direct connection to the external environment. The isolation from the process is achieved by means of polyethylen cuff rings connected to textile sleeves and neoprene gloves. Special clamps in stainless steel may be fitted for direct wiring connections. Illumination is provided by a lamp positioned on top of the isolator separated from the working chamber by a glass screen. The unit may be fitted with triple gloves opening for special applications. APPLICATIONS Isolator shells are widely used for pharmaceutical applications and in industry for API production. In particular: handling of air-sensitive inorganic, organic, organometallic and biochemicals materials, lithium battery development, catalyst and nanotechnology research, isolation against contamination-sensitive materials, quality control, analysis research and development
  • Type:glove box
  • Class:class III
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