Class I microbiological safety cabinet SafeFAST 112 Faster

Class I microbiological safety cabinet SafeFAST 112 Faster
SafeFAST 112

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FOREWORD SafeFAST Class I type safety cabinets provide operator and environmental protection but are not designed to protect the product. The unit is an open-fronted exhaust cabinet inside of which operator can carry out manipulations of low and moderate risk biological agents. WORKING PRINCIPALS Air from external environment is directly drawn inside the working chamber preventing from the pathogens being split to the external environment. Inlet air is filtered by means of G3 pre-filter located behind the rear panel before being exhausted through the HEPA H14 filter on the environment. APPLICATIONS SafeFAST Class I Microbiological Safety Cabinets have been adopted worldwide in use for, personnel and environmental protection while handling low and moderate pathogenic agents, in a wide range of disciplines in applications such as: Microbiology, Virology, Haematology, Cell culture, Genetics
  • Class:class I
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