Medical video signal analyzer SIGNAMAXX SIG165 Ampronix

Medical video signal analyzer SIGNAMAXX SIG165 Ampronix

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Ampronix's Signamaxx is a simple yet versatile multi-modality video signal analyzer. It is easy to use software which accepts multiple video input options (D-Sub15 and single thru 5 BNC). Signamaxx covers signals from 525-1600 lines, color and/or grayscale, and Interlaced or Non- Interlaced/Progressive video making it the easiest way to ensure your seamless transition from legacy CRT to new LCD technology. Signamaxx helps you save both your time and money as it transmits your modality video signal parameters directly to Ampronix via the internet. Just connect the Signamaxx to the video out from your modality and it will load the system's exact signal parameters, which allows Ampronix to custom program an LCD replacement for the existing CRT display.
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