Lumbar puncture patient simulator / torso S411 Gaumard

Lumbar puncture patient simulator / torso S411 Gaumard

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Lumbar Puncture Trainer S411 creates realistic tactile feedback which includes a combination of fluid supply and pressure system that allows the collection of CSF and opening pressure measurement. It features replaceable spinal cord insert with skin layer, subcutaneous layer, connective tissue, and lumbar vertebrae which makes it ideal for practicing injection of local anesthesia and needle insertion between vertebrae, lumbar puncture and epidural. It is also equipped with self-healing skin that allows 15 uses for 18 gauge needles and 25 uses for 22 gauge needles before replacement and has lifelike resistance creating pops when needle traverses ligamentum flavum and dura.
  • Procedure:for lumbar puncture
  • Anatomical form:torso
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