Laboratory mixer / for test tubes Sarmix® M 200 Sarstedt

Laboratory mixer / for test tubes Sarmix® M 200 Sarstedt
Sarmix® M 200

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When using the SARSTEDT S-Sedivette sediment measuring system it is possible to measure sedimentation in the collection tube without the necessity of having to open the system. Measurements are therefore much easier to conduct, resulting in lower operating costs. Since the system does not have to be opened, hygienic benefits are also realized. The S-Sedivette can be used in conjunction with either the 10-station Sediplus S 200 blood sedimentation measuring device, or the 40-station Sediplus S 2000 system to further optimize ESR measurements. The Sediplus S 2000 can be expanded to 160 stations should the need arise. To ensure proper mixing prior to analysis by the S-Sedivette system, the Sarmix M 22 mixer is recommended.
  • Glassware:for test tubes
  • Applications:laboratory
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