Air sampler Sarstedt

Air sampler Sarstedt

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The GS 100 battery-operated microbial air sampler is the perfect tool to use when more and more attention is being paid to microorganism contamination from sewage plants, landfill sites, and waste separation plants. The GS 100 is designed for sampling air quality in operating rooms, production lines and other controlled areas. Utilizing the Anderson Airsampler Principle air is drawn over a nozzle plate. This design allows inlet aperture an intake rate of .4 m/sec when factory air flow rate is 100 I/min. After obtained, particles and microorganisms are deposited onto a standard Petri dish containing a nutrient agar which is then incubated to determine the types of organisms present and the number of forming colonies. When in mobile operation, the built-in rechargeable battery lasting 5 to 6 hours.
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