Blood collection tube Microvette®100, Microvette®200 Sarstedt

Blood collection tube Microvette®100, Microvette®200 Sarstedt
Microvette®100, Microvette®200

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The Microvette® 100/200 offers the ideal solution for the collection of even the smallest blood volumes: The preassembled end-to-end capillary ensures a controlled collection to the capillary technique. The Microvette® enables blood sampling using either the special rim or the gravity-flow principle without any problem. Depending on individual requirements, the Microvette® is available with a cylindrical inner tube for optimum mixing results or a conical inner tube for a high serum/plasma supernatant. The cylindrical outer container is ideal for barcodes and patient labels. The special cap design minimizes aerosol effect when the tube is opened and provides safe sealing features.
  • Sample type:blood
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