Blood donation needle S-Monovette® Sarstedt

Blood donation needle S-Monovette® Sarstedt

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For minimal discomfort during the collection of blood, S-Monovette® are designed to use with needles and a optimized bevel design. The S-Monovette® system comes with a needle and its holder as a single unit, so there is no need for assembly, before use and unit cannot be disassembled after use. One of the key features of the S-Monovette®, is the fact that needles of come with the integral holder, once the unit has been assembled, it cannot be disassembled, this prevent reuse of the unit and ensures that a new clean holder is available for collection, which reduces the risk associated with reuse. Additionally the S-Monovette® needles, the Multifly® are designed to use with veins that are fragile and difficult. Multifly® needles S-Monovette® come in a safe version. Additional features include S-Monovette® usage with Luer systems, Luer fitting to the S-Monovette® needle.
  • Application:blood donation
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