Laboratory incubator 150 L | HettCube 200 Andreas Hettich

Laboratory incubator 150 L | HettCube 200 Andreas Hettich
150 L | HettCube 200

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Designed to enhance growth conditions for cultures and environmentally efficient, the HettCube 200 is an innovative incubator that only heats up when needed. Operating at a temperature of +37 °C, makes it power efficient at 0.025 kWh, and equipped with the Novel ventilation system ensures that it does nothing more than whisper. This results in low energy costs as well as low operational costs. The HettCube 200 provides the best of both worlds - forced and natural convection, and with the fan of the HettCube 200 thoughtfully set outside the unit results in reduced air flow. The cells in the HettCube 200 are protected desiccation thanks to radiated heat technology and also shields staff from loud and distractive noises. Moreover, the innovative design of the airflow system combined with excellent insulation eradicates the need for an inner door. Some of the other features of the HettCube 200 include rounded shelves and grips, ergonomic information and operating panel, one hand operation increase overall practicality and telescopic rails for all optional draws and trays.
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