Thermal printer / for paper / portable ERM-8010 Vetronic Services

Thermal printer / for paper / portable ERM-8010 Vetronic Services

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The new Thermal Printer for the ERM-8010 is a battery powered, portable, high definition printer suitable for printing diagnostic quality electrocardiograms from the ERM-8010. Linked by a single cable to the ERM-8010, the printer provides complete electrical isolation by virtue of the optical link involved. This means the connection of a mains adaptor to the printer poses no risk to the patient whatsoever. This is in accordance with the Medical Directive. The printer controller, designed by Vetronic Services, allows selection of 3 paper speeds: 12.5, 25.0 and 50.0 mm/S. Also there are 3 optional sensitivities of x 0.5, x 1.0 and x 2.0. With the addition of a trace-shift option this little printer provides most of the features found on more expensive machines. The ECG printer is a single lead printer, printing whichever lead is being monitored on the ERM-8010 at the time. Key Features of the Thermal Printer for ERM-8010 Mains or battery operated. Simple to use Single Lead Printer High definition, diagnostic quality printout Efficient, quiet thermal print head Prints at 12.5, 25.0 and 50.0 mm/S Variable sensitivity Simple optional add-on to existing ERM-8010 units Technical Specifications General Printout: Single Lead trace Medium: 50mm wide thermal ECG paper printed on outer face of roll Max roll length: 15m Max printable ECG height: 8mV p-p Max print speed: 50 mm/S
  • Printing technology:thermal
  • Other characteristics:portable
  • Printing media:for paper