Hand-held veterinary carbon dioxide monitor Capnovet-10 Vetronic Services

Hand-held veterinary carbon dioxide monitor Capnovet-10 Vetronic Services

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How can you be sure that your patient is as safe as it can be under anaesthesia? Monitoring end-tidal CO2 is the recognised way of ensuring your patient is breathing optimally during an anaesthetic and the Capnovet-10 has all the features you need. Clear end-tidal values for every breath Variable rate capnogram for a wide range of species User-selectable side-stream withdrawal rate Rapid assessment of respiratory function & cardiac output The Capnovet-10 is a battery-powered hand-held CO2 monitor designed for use in a wide range of animals. Using advanced side-stream technology the Capnovet-10 can be used in a wide range of species types and sizes. The unit has long-life internal NimH batteries for a truly portable device and the unit is still useable whilst the batteries are charging, giving you total flexibility. Display values can be expressed in percentages or millimetres of mercury depending on your preference and CO2 data can be expressed in various graphical forms giving you the optimum information for your patient. The Capnovet-10 also has a wide range of sweep speeds for displaying data so that even with rapid breathing rates a clear time-capnogram is displayed. Key Features of the Capnovet-10 • Quick visual assessment of respiratory function • Variable sweep speed • Variable side-stream withdrawal rate • Small hand-held unit • Perfect compliment to mechanical ventilation • Two different display modes • Suitable for a range of species from rats to horses • Easy to use