ECG patient monitor / portable / veterinary ERM-8010 Vetronic Services

ECG patient monitor / portable / veterinary ERM-8010 Vetronic Services

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The ERM-8010 is a very sensitive ECG monitor that typically detects and displays a Lead II ECG in real time. With easily configurable alarms the monitor can alert you to rising or falling heart rates and the display is easily readable for viewing gross ECG abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation or heart block. A common use is to monitor toxic patients for ventricular ectopics during a pyo or gastric torsion. The respiratory monitor uses an in-line sensor that fits into your ET tube and records the respiratory rate and can alert you to periods of apnoea in a range from 5 to 60 seconds. The ERM-8010 also has a trend feature that stores the heart and respiratory rate every 60 seconds. This is displayed on the screen so that at any time the trend for the last hour can be seen. The unit has an extensive battery life. One standard 9-volt battery will give a working life of 250 hours - equivalent to over 4 months of every day use. Key Features of the ERM-8010 • Rapid, reliable patient monitoring • Unobtrusive hand-held unit • Suitable for all species • Adaptor clips available for very small animals • Indoor or outdoor use • Freeze-screen facility for improved ECG viewing • Variable sweep speed for fast or slow heart rates • Easily settable alarms for heart rate and apnoea • Optional beeps for QRS and breath detection • View the last 60 minutes of heart & respiratory rate data • Extensive battery life
  • Configuration:portable
  • Measured parameters:ECG
  • Applications:veterinary