Compact multi-parameter monitor / veterinary VITALSTORE Vetronic Services

Compact multi-parameter monitor / veterinary VITALSTORE Vetronic Services

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The VitalStore MultiMonitor is a compact portable monitor designed specifically for the veterinary market. MultiMonitor can monitor a wide range of vital signs across the species and its modular design means that you can choose which modules you need. Further modules can be added at anytime. The VitalStore MultiMonitor has full wireless capabilities allowing all monitored parameters to be viewed on a remote PC or laptop. The monitoring software supports multiple patients With VitalStore MultiMonitor you can a) Monitor up to 9 vital signs simultaneously b) Choose which modules to buy c) Add new modules at any time d) Have patient-side and centralised monitoring e) Monitor patients in ICU and HDU as well as during anaesthesia f) Connect to PC by cable or wireless The VitalStore MultiMonitor has been designed to provide clear accurate patient-side and centralised information on a selectable range of parameters. A 6 inch bright, touch screen display combines highly visible information with simplicity of control. The concept behind the MultiMonitor is one of user control and adaptability. All of the monitoring units are modules and any combination of modules can be fitted to suit individual requirements. In addition, monitor traces for modules can be minimised on screen to just leave the ones you wish to see. Central remote monitoring is achieved by the MultiMonitor’s enhanced USB capabilities. A comprehensive software suite of monitoring and analysis programs can show multi-patient, multi-parameter information by means of a direct USB connection or by a long-range wireless link.
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  • Applications:veterinary