Temperature patient monitor / end-tidal CO2 / SpO2 / portable IMPACT III Vetronic Services

Temperature patient monitor / end-tidal CO2 / SpO2 / portable IMPACT III Vetronic Services

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Combining end-tidal CO2 measurement with pulse-oximetry and temperature, the Impact-III delivers performance and reliability in a robust, portable unit. Impact-III is an acronym, standing for Instant Monitoring of Pulse-Oximetry And Capnography and Temperature. As such, Impact-III delivers all that its name suggests: numerical and trace information is shown for all parameters, including capnography, within 15 seconds of turning the unit on. The interface to Impact-III has been made simple and easy to use, so in most cases all that is required is to switch the unit on and start monitoring. In addition, any changes made to settings will automatically be saved in memory and retained between uses. There are simple-to-use alarms featured for all three monitoring units. These all follow the same pattern for set up, making the system intuitive to use. All alarm conditions are clearly reported on the main screen, with an option to silence (60 seconds) or cancel. Impact-III also integrates fully with our VitalMonitor software suite, using an optional wireless module, and allows full patient onitoring and data recording on a remote computer. Technical Specifications General General Screen size 60mm x 38mm viewing area Screen type 128 x 64 pixels. Backlit white on blue high-contrast LCD Electrical supply Internal rechargeable NimH batteries, with mains charger Sidestream Capnograph: CO2 detection range 0-15% (0-1140mmHg)Accuracy +/-2% Respiratory rate range 0-150 breaths/min Sampling rate 50ml/min fixed rate Alarms High ET, Low ET, High FiCO2, Apnoea time
  • Applications:veterinary
  • Other characteristic:wireless
  • Measured parameters:SpO2, end-tidal CO2
  • Configuration:portable