Hydrocephalus shunt valve -valve- Integra™ LPV II™ INTEGRA

Hydrocephalus shunt valve -valve- Integra™ LPV II™ INTEGRA
Integra™ LPV II™

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In eliminating rates of occlusion, the low profile Integra™ LPV II™ Valve uses a diaphragm valve structure installed crosswise on the unit. To serve the specific needs of different patients, it comes with three pressure classifications. There is also a selection of customizations to cater to the surgeon's needs or preference. Per ASTM F2503, the unit is magnetic resonance safe. The Integra™ LPV II™ Valve comes in mini and standard sizes. Employed in the remedy of patients with hydrocephalus, the Standard-LPV II and Mini-LPV II Valves are found in systems devised to shunt cerebrospinal fluid from the lateral ventricles of the brain into the right atrium or the peritoneum. Although not exclusively, the Mini-LPV II valve can be used in instances of skin erosion. Use of Ventriculoatrial or ventriculoperitoneal shunting systems in instances of certain or questionable infections should be avoided.
  • Type of valve:hydrocephalus shunt valve
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