Hydrocephalus shunt valve -valve- Integra™ Contour-Flex™ INTEGRA

Hydrocephalus shunt valve -valve- Integra™ Contour-Flex™ INTEGRA
Integra™ Contour-Flex™

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Integra features innovative Integra™ Contour-Flex™ Valve that incorporates the usage of proven silicone membrane, as pressure control element to offer a reproducible closing pressure and reliable pressure/flow curve. Contour-Flex valve highlights a flexible profile that is cosmetically unobtrusive in order to contour to curvature of cranium. Distal and proximal occluders make selective flushing simpler, while integral connectors facilitate smooth catheter connection. It incorporates 4 pressure designations to best fit demands of wide range of patients. Contour-Flex™ valves are available in a broad range of configurations as well as small and regular size with an aim to facilitate surgeon preferences and specifications. In accordance with ASTM F2503, device ensures safe magnetic resonance and has Integral injectable central reservoir.
  • Type of valve:hydrocephalus shunt valve