Neurosurgical curette Ruggles™ Apfelbaum INTEGRA

Neurosurgical curette Ruggles™ Apfelbaum INTEGRA
Ruggles™ Apfelbaum

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Ruggles™ Apfelbaum are extremely precise and delicate micro dissecting instruments as they are designed with ultimate precision. These microsurgical instruments allow for very fine nerve, tissue and tumor dissection. Ruggles™ Apfelbaum instruments offered in both straight and angled design for the convenience of the surgeon. Made with slightly larger and easier to grasp handles sets give Apfelbaum dissectors better balance and control during intricate procedures. Ruggles™ Apfelbaum are uniquely angled instruments because they are invaluable in teasing out small bits of difficult-to-reach tumor that cannot always be directly visualized. Its long handled version provides additional leverage, if needed.
  • Application domain:neurosurgical