Ventricular drainage set Integra™ AccuDrain® INTEGRA

Ventricular drainage set Integra™ AccuDrain® INTEGRA
Integra™ AccuDrain®

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The Integra AccuDrain External CFS Drainage System is a panel mounted system which is unique in that it is the only drainage system of its kind that can be attached directly to an IV pole without the need of special mounting hardware. The system is specifically designed to allow drainage of cerebral-spinal fluid from the lateral ventricals of the brain as well as the lumbar subarachnoid space, while at the same time monitoring the drainage. The system also monitors intracranial pressure The panel-mounted system features large numerals on the graduated pressure scale which can easily be read in low-light conditions. An antimicrobial - hydrophobic filter enables the system to safely be placed on its side during patient transport. The Integra AccuDrain system is MRI safe.