Surgical retractor / brain Integra™ INTEGRA

Surgical retractor / brain Integra™ INTEGRA

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The Integra Brain Retractor System consists of a combination of modular, self-retaining components that can be assembled to provide the neurosurgeon with a wide variety of configurations that surround the surgical site and support the surgical process. No matter the configuration, there is an adjustable hand rest that has been designed to assist the neurosurgeon and can be attached to either the Primary or Secondary bars. The set-up also enables the easy passage of instruments to, from, and within the surgical field. The Brain Retractor System is easy to set up and can be introduced into the surgical field at any stage of a surgical procedure. In addition, this brain retractor system is fully compatible with the MAYFIELD line of skull clamps.
  • Area of the body:brain
  • Application domain:surgical