External cardiac stimulator SJM MRI Activator™ St. Jude Medical

External cardiac stimulator SJM MRI Activator™ St. Jude Medical
SJM MRI Activator™

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The easy-to-use SJM MRI Activator handheld device increases efficiency and patient safety. The device increases efficiency by decreasing the number of workflow steps that are required. The device can be used to program the Accent MRI pacemaker pre and post MRI scan to pre-approved MRI settings, thus saving precious time and increasing efficiency for clinicians in the cardiology center or in MRI clinics. The SJM MRI Activator device streamlines and provides simplified and quick access to MRI settings, which minimizes the extensive coordination and the service burden that is required with the traditional workflow procedures. With the SJM MRI Activator device, previously stored MRI settings can be easily enabled before a MRI scan, disabled after a MRI scan or can be verified at any given point of time. The device also enhances patient safety, as it reduces the amount of time patients have to be on asynchronous or non-pacing modes.
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