Neurostimulation lead Penta™ St. Jude Medical

Neurostimulation lead Penta™ St. Jude Medical

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The Penta™ 5 Column Paddle Lead offers the industrya unique lead for unmatched lateral electrode coverage and specificity. It is a small electrode deigned in a 5 column array to achieve precise field controls and lateral coverage. It is superbly designed to enable selective nerve fiber simulation and dermatomal activation. The leads are designed to provide an enhanced control system for the coverage of complex mulitfocal pain. The features of the Penta 5 Column Paddle includes: A propeitry microtexturing of the electrodes, which increase the surface area for current delivery A five-column array designed to provide the needed fleibility for isolating currents that are specific to a nerve fiber It has the ability to handle selective simulations of different nerve fibers asociated with pain when needed
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