Cardiac defibrillation lead Optim™ Insulation St. Jude Medical

Cardiac defibrillation lead Optim™ Insulation St. Jude Medical
Optim™ Insulation

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Optim Insulation is a revolutionary invention in the segment of cardiac treatment components. It is a co-polymer insulation, made of a combination of polyurethane and silicone, fusing the best features of both of its components. It is claimed to be the first of its type in the industry, particularly designed for cardiac lead purpose. It has both the flexibility of silicone and the longevity and lubricity of polyurethane. The Optim (SPC) material has shown biostability like that of 55D polyurethane (Pellethane), after two years of implantation. The lubricant quality of Optim Insulation gives smoother implant of cardiac leads and prevents abrasion, especially in case of numerous leads in a single vein. While going through Bench tests, Optim Insulation (SPC), the co-polymer material with its Quick-Pass coating, gave lower frictional value than polyurethane or silicone.
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