Esophageal stent / stainless steel BOUBELLA-E ELLA-CS

Esophageal stent / stainless steel BOUBELLA-E ELLA-CS

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The FerX-ELLA Esophageal Stent is a uniquely-designed, stainless steel stent that is designed primarily for use in the middle or lower part or the esophagus. It is most commonly used for indications of malignant esophageal stricture palliations, the treatment of benign strictures, and the treatment of esophageal- respiratory fistulas, all in cases where standard surgical techniques or therapies may be inadvisable. The stent can be equipped with an anti-reflux valve to prevent acid reflux except possibly in those cases where a patient has undergone a partial gastrectomy. The covering of the stent is PE foil, making it corrosion-resistant while providing high radiopacity.
  • Area of the body:esophageal
  • Material:stainless steel
Milady Horakove 504/45, Trebes,
Hradec Kralove
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