Esophageal stent / nitinol FLEXELLA PLUS ELLA-CS

Esophageal stent / nitinol FLEXELLA PLUS ELLA-CS

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The SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal - FLEXELLA PLUS. SX-ELLA Esophageal stent FLEXELLA PLUS is designed to relieve malignant esophageal strictures in all parts of the esophagus with respect to necessary 2-cm distance from the upper esophageal sphincter. The SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal is routinely distributed in a delivery system with distal release mechanism. The stent is deployed by pulling the sheath. As an alternative, we offer also delivery system with proximal stent release in which the stent is deployed by pushing the shaft. A one of a kind contraption created from sheer brilliance and innovation. A must have in any medical facility.
  • Area of the body:esophageal
  • Material:nitinol
Milady Horakove 504/45, Trebes,
Hradec Kralove
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