Esophageal stent / nitinol HV - HV Plus ELLA-CS

Esophageal stent / nitinol HV - HV Plus ELLA-CS
HV - HV Plus

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SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal HV-HV Stent Plus A stent is a mesh tube inserted into a natural passage in the body to prevent a disease-induced. SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal HV Plus is a reliable medical device used to relieve obstructions in the esophagus no matter if in upper, middle or lower part. If the stent is positioned in lower part of the esophagus when reaching cardiac and stomach, it can be equipped with an anti-reflux valve to prevent gastric juice reflux. Implantation of the stent should be performed under fluoroscopic and endoscopic guidance. To decrease the migration rate, the HV STENT PLUS is equipped with an anti-migration collar. Features -Unique delivery system. -Removable esophageal stent. -Special anti-migration design. -Excellent flexibility. -Acid-resistant retrieval loop. -Atraumatic stent retrieval. Indication -Palliation of malignant esophageal strictures if a standard surgery is contraindicated. -Treatment of benign esophageal strictures which are refractory to standard therapy. -Treatment of esophagorespiratory fistulas.
  • Area of the body:esophageal
  • Material:nitinol
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