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Comarch MedCall is a video consultation tool intended for medical institutions. It enables simple and secure audio-video communication with patients who call physicians through a mobile application.



See how simple it is


You registerthe patient as usual, whether that is in person, by telephone, or through the reception of the clinic. There is no need for the patient to show up at the clinic. Instead, they should wait for the video call appointment.




  • Continuity of operation of the facility and treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Safe and convenient way to provide medical advice - video consultation minimizes the risk of coronavirus infection.
  • The service does not require integration with the facility’s internal system or adaptation of organizational processes.
  • As a part of the video consultation, the doctor is entitled to issue the patient and electronic prescription
  • Security of the consultation, unlike popular messaging applications intended for private use.
  • Quick start - to start using the system, you just need to create an account on the Comarch MedCall website for the medical facility or the doctor.
  • Simple solution - to start a video consultation you need to log in to your account and enter the patient’s telephone number.
  • Possibility for primary healthcare facilities to receive a subsidy for the purchase of appropriate systems.


Telemedicine tools in health care service


Telemedicine is not only a great help for patients, but also an opportunity to improve the condition of health care service. The advantages of modern teleinformation systems include cost reduction, time savings, greater treatment efficiency and convenience, which are enjoyed by more and more people. Comarch MedCall is an active participant of this trend, offering the possibility of remote provision of medical advice, which means that there is no need to visit a doctor and wait in line. This solution will work regardless of the place – you can use it during holidays or when you are far from the medical facility. All you need is a smartphone and installed software. 


How does the Comarch MedCall application work?

The system for videoconsultation and teleconsultation consists of two elements:


  • website, where medical facility or doctor establish their account,
  • free mobile application for the patient that allows you to have consultation with a doctor in the form of an audio/video call.


The possibility of remote consultation is initiated by a doctor or a medical facility that opens an account on the website. The patient registers at the facility in a traditional way: in person, by phone or through another person. Then the patient waits for a text message from a doctor who sends an invitation to download the application. The user downloads and installs the Comarch MedCall software on their phone and activates it by entering their telephone number. At the agreed time, the doctor connects with the patient and a videoconsultation takes place.



This solution can allows be combined with another product of our company, namely the Comarch HealthNote, a mobile health book that allows you to save medical records, measurements and observations related to your health condition. Thanks to the integration of these two applications, sending the necessary data or other important documents at the doctor's request, confirming the examination or stay in the hospital, is simple and quick.




Distinguishing features


  • Intuitive and simple tool for doctors
  • Free patient application available in App Store and Google Play
  • Free trial period until 30 September 2020
  • Dedicated messaging application - call confidentiality and security
  • Does not require integration with an internal healthcare system
  • Possibility of integration with Comarch HealthNote - a mobile health booklet