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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the promotion of technology that enables us to keep a social distance. The rapid reaction of companies offering remote services has helped to maintain continuity of service, even though a lockdown was announced. In view of the risk of contracting COVID-19, a solution was needed that would not endanger customers and employees, and would further improve administrative processes.


An important aspect from the perspective of offices was the design of an intuitive system, which was based on simplicity of use. Quick implementation allows for an efficient start of online customer service, and even partial introduction of remote work of employees. The above objectives served to create a customer service system „Comarch e-Consultant” - a programme that will extend the offer of offices with a virtual office with video consultations, tailored to the individual needs of the company. The solution fills a gap in the existing channels of communication with the customer.


Solution modules with functions

Due to the key requirements - intuitive operation on the part of the customer and employee - the modules are divided into 2 basic panels: customer and facility:

Intuitive customer panel without login

  • Selection of the thematic scope of the videoconsultation
  • Schedule with the possibility to book an e-meeting
  • Ready-made application form template (can be edited as suggested by the client)
  • Mail confirmation of the visit and the possibility of cancelling it (content of the message matched according to the customer’s suggestion)
  • Reminders for the eVisit

 The facility’s panels - separate roles:

  •  Administrator of rights
    • Management of system user rights
  • Local administrator - of a given institution
    • Schedule planning for consultants
    • Preview of the visits made (from the current day and historical), with the possibility of filtering
    • Access to the technical parameters of the consultations
    • Reporting on conversations with customers
  • Global administrator - superior administrator of all units (option for large institutions)
    • Planning of days off, applicable in all establishments
    • Overview of the visits made to all the establishments (current day and historical), with the possibility of filtering
    • Recording of the parameters of eVisits carried out in all branches - similarly to the functionality of a local administrator
    • Reporting on conversations with customers
  • Consultant
    • A clear schedule of video consultations assigned to the selected day


Advantages of the solution

  • Secure connection, protecting confidential data
  • Verification of identity during the interview
  • Tailored to the customer’s needs - possibility of expansion according to needs, based on individual valuation
  • Health safety of employees and customers
  • Maintaining continuity of service during a pandemic
  • Ease of use - clear customer and administrator panel
  • Unloading queues at the facility
  • Convenience for users
  • Technical support
  • Increasing the prestige of the facility
  • Enabling the introduction of all or part of the remote working of employees


Potential customers of the solution

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the system to the needs of the acility, it can be a channel of communication with the customer for both larger and smaller organisations.

The solution can be applied in such places as:

  • Large local government units (large city offices with Residential Service Points, Marshal’s offices), Government offices - voivodeship offices
  • Joint administration
  • Social care homes
  • Labour offices
  • Banks
  • Large central administration offices with mass support for applicants, including KAS SOP (Taxpayer Service Room),
  • KRUS, Other
  • Utility sector companies (with Customer Service Points)
  • Foundations


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