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Comarch HomeHealth
Remote Patient Monitoring

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Comarch HomeHealth

Comarch HomeHealth is a set for remote monitoring of persons with chronic diseases and for patients discharged from hospitals, which can be used in single-user mode (for a single patient) or multi-user mode (for multiple patients), e.g. in nursing homes or by community nurses. A specific set of devices, as well as individual functions of the Comarch HomeHealth application, can be configured.


The application guides the user step by step through all the measurements, reminds the patient to perform them, analyzes the results and sends them to the e-Care telemedicine platform, where they are re-analyzed by the system, and then ... reviewed by the medical personnel. The measurement history is also stored in the application so that the patient, the caregivers, and the physicians can access it. The application is very user-friendly and intuitive, designed for seniors and others. With its support, patients easily take measurements correctly by themselves.


Who can use the Comarch HomeHealth? 

  • Chronically ill people
  • People undergoing rehabilitation, e.g. cardiac
  • Seniors
  • Pregnant women
  • Oncological patients
  • People in the diagnostic process


How does Comarch HomeHealth work?

The physician orders remote monitoring of the patient outside the medical facility, adapts its course, and personalizes the standard measurement ranges.

The patient takes measurements that are transmitted to the application. The results are automatically analyzed in the application and then sent to the Comarch e-Care platform Comarch e-Care platform and monitored by medical staff.

After the monitoring period, the patient receives a detailed report, which can be viewed by all physicians.





Comarch HomeHealth functions

  • Saving measurement results from integrated measuring devices or entering them manually.
  • Immediate transmission of results of measurements of health parameters, the ranges of which are set individually for each patient.
  • Notification on the Comarch e-Care platform if the parameters exceed applicable standards
  • Reminders to take medication according to a fixed schedule (product and dosage).
  • Sharing photos of e.g. lab test results, disturbing symptoms, or the progress of the treatment from the Comarch HomeHealth application to the Comarch e-Care platform.
  • Personalized questionnaires for patients, concerning e.g. their diets, physical activity, and well-being
  • Personalized questionnaires for patients, concerning e.g. their diets, physical activity, and well-being